Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Beginning...

Reviewing films has become a hobby for me. I don't consider myself good at it. I do like to think I understand most of what I watch well enough to write a fairly short and concise review of it though. Most importantly, it's become a better way of understanding one of the things I love in life, film. Reviewing films allows me to draw deeper within the material and touch upon meaning, inspiration, and more. I simply write down what I think and feel of a film after I see it. These won't be the most well written pieces of work, but I find it fun. You'll find my score in the 5/5 star category at the end of the review.

I highly doubt many people will see this, but I appreciate anyone who does take the time to read these reviews. I'd even more appreciate anyone willing to give me some tips or pointers. I plan to review every film I see this summer. In addition, I may post old reviews from time to time that I think are among my best. Thanks for riding along with me.

In addition, here is my DVD collection, so you can get a good handle on my taste, if you care to:

- Mike

Note: My reviews are also posted on Flixster, in conjunction with Facebook:

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