Sunday, May 25, 2008

À l'intérieur [Inside] (2007)

Inside doesn't hold back. If you're looking for a film that can impress you with the amount of sharp objects used in it or the number of gallons of blood used after these sharp objects are jabbed into someone's body, Inside will probably land among your favorite films. On the other hand, if you're looking for a true psychological horror film or suspense horror film, you might be a little let down.

Now before you go jabbing scissors into my belly button, let me tell you why. While this film did have some excruciatingly disturbing, tense and creepy moments, the story was absolutely nothing to write home about. The same goes for the story's characters. There simply wasn't enough as their could have been in terms of characterization. Perhaps I only grieve over this because of how sick I already am of these films of all gore and no meaning. At least Cannibal Holocaust was portraying a message about the media, among other things.

Don't take these words the wrong way. I really, really enjoyed this film. I enjoy a lot of crap that doesn't have loads of character development. It's just that I might have expected a lot more than a simplified slasher flick with the subject material this film portrayed. I'm not taking any points off the film's final score for not reaching those expectations though.

If being trapped in your house with a psychotic woman while you are pregnant terrifies you, this movie will freak the hell out of you. Otherwise, this film isn't really scary at all, just slightly disturbing due to this woman's motivations and intentions and the methods she uses to achieve her goal. Inside is a genuinely intense film that will satisfy any gore hounds taste for blood. There's loads of violence to be seen here, all of which is very entertaining. In the end though, it's just another example that the foreign folks know what they're doing in the horror genre these days while us money driven Americans are releasing filth like Hostel and the Saw series.


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