Monday, November 30, 2009

DVD Picks of the Week: Nov. 24 + Dec. 1

More excuses, Thanksgiving weekend shook me up. But I'm back. I'm gonna start blogging more consistently once school is done with in three weeks.

November 24th

Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Season 4 [DVD]

Because everybody loves a little Hitch, even if he didn't direct the majority of these thrilling episodes.

Funny People [DVD][Blu-ray]

Funny People is a great film, just not in the way it was advertised. Judd Apatow's name certainly leads to audience members expect one thing, but they received different. Drama comes first in Funny People, but the film isn't without it's comedic moments. Check this one out, just don't expect Superbad or a number of other Apatow flicks.

Gomorrah [Criterion DVD][Criterion Blu-ray]

The amazing 2008 Italian gangster film Gomorrah gets the pristine treatment with this new Criterion release of the film. I loved it. Couldn't say enough good about it in my review. I need to pick this up eventually.

The Monster Squad [Blu-ray]

Already having been released on standard Blu-ray, The Monster Squad comes back to us on Blu. This great film might dig up some nostalgic moments for some. Don't be turned off to the slight "kiddie" vibe the film has, it's really a treat. And a bargain at that.

The Golden Age of Television [Criterion DVD]

The other important release from Criterion this week was The Golden Age of Television, a collection which features the kinescopes of some of the finest television dramas of the 1950s. The set includes Marty, Requiem for a Heavyweight, No Time for Sergeants, Bang the Drum Slowly, Days of Wine and Roses, A Wind from the South, The Comedian, and Patterns. This seems like a neat time capsule.

Mad Dog Morgan [DVD]

The latest out of Troma's vault is an early Dennis Hopper film titled Mad Dog Morgan. This film is entry #5 in the Tromasterpiece Collection, a series I happen to own all of. The releases are consistently thorough and give these classic but sometimes lost films the treatment they deserve.

Three Monkeys [DVD]

Three Monkeys is the terrific neo-noir/crime drama that came out in Turkey in 2008. The film is a dark and poignant tale and is expertly captured. I reviewed this one around the same time as Gomorrah, funny they should see release the same exact day.

What else comes out this week (Nov 24.): Angels & Demons, Shorts, The Maiden Heist, Angel Heart [Blu-ray], Cujo [Blu-ray], Frailty [Blu-ray], The Way of the Gun [Blu-ray], Ink [Blu-ray], My Bloody Valentine (Original) [Blu-ray], Silent Scream.

What to stay away from: Zac Efron - The Ultimate Idol. This doesn't need to be explained, does it?

December 1st

Terminator Salvation [DVD][Blu-ray]

A film that didn't deserve the scorn it yielded, McG's Terminator Salvation was an above average action/sci-fi flick. I really felt the film got the heat mainly because it was the fourth installment in the iconic franchise. But then again, it wasn't as bad as the putrid third film. Yes, it should have been rated R, just for continuity sake, but whatever, deal with it. But as I mentioned in my review, the film was a fun and enjoyable watch. Christian Bale was decent and Sam Worthington was outstanding.

Mystery Science Theater 3000: XVI [Limited Edition]

Much like the above Zac Efron comment, this doesn't need to be described either. But for good reasons. Cash in on some more MST3K fun.

A Christmas Tale [Criterion DVD][Criterion Blu-ray]

Criterion strikes in back to back weeks. This week sees A Christmas Tale getting the dual DVD and Blu-ray treatment. And much like last week with Gomorrah, A Christmas Tale is also a 2008 film, something that isn't so common with Criterion's releases.

What else comes out this week (Dec 1.): Snatch [Blu-ray], The Green Mile (Blu-ray Book) [Blu-ray], Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels [Blu-ray], Saturday Night Live: The Complete Fifth Season, The Rolling Stones: Gimme Shelter (The Criterion Collection) [Blu-ray], Paper Heart, Silent Night, Deadly Night III, IV, & V [Box Set], Gremlins [Blu-ray].

What to stay away from: Ben 10: Alien Swarm. I'm not really sure why, it just looks stupid.

That's all. Clearly the week of November 24th was better, possibly to push their products off shelves on Black Friday. So long.

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