Monday, December 7, 2009

Wrap Up of Films Watched in November 2009

Nope, I didn't forget this feature, I'm just late. November was a pretty weak month from my part. The year is drawing to a close and the energy is growing low. I only watched 13 films this month. Here's the tally and awards.

256. 11/3 – Easy Rider*
257. 11/6 – The Men Who Stare at Goats*
258. 11/6 – (500) Days of Summer*
259. 11/6 – Whatever Works*
260. 11/14 – The Boat That Rocked*
261. 11/14 – The Limits of Control*
262. 11/14 – Swimming with Sharks*
263. 11/17 – Moon*
264. 11/20 – Naked Lunch
265. 11/20 – In the Loop
266. 11/21 – The Hangover
267. 11/25 – Wise Blood
268. 11/29 – Thirst*

Best Film (New Viewing): Moon
I loved absolutely everything about Duncan Jones' isolated science fiction thriller, from the extraordinary visuals to the stellar acting from Sam Rockwell. This is one of 2009's best films and a must-see film.
Runners-up: Easy Rider, Thirst, The Men Who Stare at Goats.

Best Film (Repeated Viewing): In the Loop
The best film of the year (so far)! Watch this, dam you. And then watch The Thick of It from start to where it's at right now. You won't be sorry. I just wish the Oscar buzz train was rolling for Peter Capaldi.
Runners-up: Wise Blood, Naked Lunch.

Worst Film (Any Viewing): None.
Sorry, but I enjoyed it all this month. So don't tell me "Oh, something has to be the worst!" That isn't the intention of this slot.

Most Surprising Film and Most Underrated Film: Swimming with Sharks
Yeah, it wins both of these, so to save space and time I'll condense it to one slot. Swimming with Sharks was a $2 blind buy for me at Big Lots and I couldn't have been happier with the outcome. I'll be posting my "Netflix It" piece I wrote on the film for The Recorder shortly.

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