Monday, November 2, 2009

Paranormal Activity vs. Saw VI: An Update

My last blog post before leaving for Austin (which was a great deal of fun) had to do with the importance of Paranormal Activity beating Saw VI at the box office. And now I'm sold.

This past Halloween weekend, the $15,000 budget Paranormal Activity grossed $16,387,32716 in an expanded role, leaving the film with a $84,627,372 total gross. Saw VI floundered, dropping four spots and only ending up with $5,270,794 in its pocket. Still, the film has made $22,534,749, good enough to double the film's budget of roughly $11 million. And even though Saw VI got beat hard, it's still considered a profitable success. The film will likely yield more money come DVD/Blu-ray release.

But to end this quick update on a positive, I'll announce victory on behalf of horror films across the world! Saw VI was defeated.

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Anonymous said...

Saw VI is actually better than the last few, perhaps second only to the original Saw, in my opionion. It's too bad that Saw VI floundered at the box office.