Tuesday, March 24, 2009

DVD Picks of the Week: March 24, 2009

Welcome to the third installment of my suggested DVD picks of the week! I mentioned in the closing of last weeks uneventful write-up that this week would be a busy one. I wasn't lying. Let's get started.

Quantum of Solace [DVD] [Blu-ray]

Quantum of Solace wasn't perfect, I'll admit that. It also wasn't close to being as good as Casino Royale. All that said, I enjoyed this film. It had its flaws (overuse of hyper-edits and shaky cam) but it was also an explosive new look at the James Bond series. Completists will buy this film for completition sake while others may decide to pass on it. It's good enough for me.

The 400 Blows [Criterion Blu-ray]

Ah Criterion Collection, how I love you. If there's anything that makes me want to buy a PS3 and an HDTV at the same time its Criterion's foray into the high definition business. With The Third Man already getting issued on BR and The Seventh Seal getting a future release on BR, The 400 Blows is the ultimate in-between tease for me. I already own the standard Criterion Collection version of this essential French new wave film and I would upgrade in a heartbeat if I had the proper hardware. This is a stunning film from one of the greatest directors of all time, Francois Truffaut and should be viewed by everyone at some point in their life.

Goldfinger [Blu-ray]

The third film in the James Bond series gets the high definition treatment to go along with the new film's release. What more can really be said about the original Sean Connery Bond films? Not much. If you haven't seen it, get busy. Other Bond films being issued on Blu-ray today are Moonraker, The World Is Not Enough. Oh and that "unofficial" Bond film that stars Sean Connery, Never Say Never Again.

Watchmen: Tales of the Black Freighter & Under the Hood [DVD] [Blu-ray]

Now, I haven't actually watched this yet, but I have read it. If you're itching for more Watchmen material this might be worth checking out. Gerard Butler of 300 fame voices the main character for the Black Freighter portion of the film, the comic within the Watchmen comic. Under the Hood is the back story of the original Nite Owl. The only problem with buying this might be that it will all be added into a super-duper complete director's cut version of the Watchmen film when that is released on DVD. Be careful if you hate double dipping on DVDs.

Because I'm lazy or haven't seen these films/TV shows I'm opting to give honorable mentions to the following titles: In Treatment, Forbidden Hollywood Collection, Vol. 3, Venture Bros. Season 3, The Kite Runner [Blu-ray], Bolt.

And a new feature! What to stay away from! The guinea pig for this portion is The Fast and The Furious Trilogy on Blu-ray. If you even feel the need to buy that you need a head exam.

But enough about shitty Vin Diesel films. Slumdog Millionaire comes out next week! See you then!

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