Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Wrap Up of Films Watched in August of 2009

So long summer, hello school. That seems to be the common theme of discussion in my age group so I'll stick to it too. Classes have started and I really can't believe it's already September. Time is even more amazing when you're keeping track of things like I have been with my films watched list.

August turned out to be a real solid month, with tons of new discoveries and a few nice repeats. In total, I viewed 25 films bringing my total on the year to 209 films. Anyways, on with the list. As always, * denotes a first time viewing and all links lead to IMDB pages for the specific film.

185. 8/1 – Near Dark*
186. 8/1 – Two-Lane Blacktop*
187. 8/1 – Coraline*
188. 8/2 – The Unbearable Lightness of Being*
189. 8/3 – Last Year at Marienbad*
190. 8/3 – Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai*
191. 8/4 – The Squid and the Whale*
192. 8/4 – Funny People*
193. 8/8 – Adventureland
194. 8/9 – Mystery Train*
195. 8/9 – Autumn Sonata*
196. 8/15 – Youth of the Beast*
197. 8/16 – Coffee and Cigarettes*
198. 8/16 – The Inglorious Bastards
199. 8/17 – In the Loop
200. 8/17 – The Big Empty*
201. 8/18 – Alien Trespass*
202. 8/18 – Step Brothers*
203. 8/21 – Romeo is Bleeding*
204. 8/25 – District 9*
205. 8/26 – The Indian Runner*
206. 8/28 – Bruno*
207. 8/29 – Inglourious Basterds*
208. 8/29 – Antichrist*
209. 8/31 – The Cranes are Flying*

Best Film (New Viewing): Autumn Sonata
Yes, I picked the film from my favorite director. No, it wasn't an easy decision. Day by day it seems like films were either topping previous bests or coming very close, right up until the last day of August with the groundbreaking The Cranes are Flying. Still, Bergman paints portraits of the human condition better than anyone, and Autumn Sonata is another example of that. The film features some great performances, especially from Ingrid Bergman (in her only piece of work with the director Bergman) and Liv Ullmann.
Runners-up: The Unbearable Lightness of Being, The Cranes are Flying, Inglourious Basterds, Antichrist, Last Year at Marienbad, District 9.

Best Film (Repeated Viewing): In the Loop
Yes, the best film that was a repeated view was last months best new viewing. This shouldn't be a shocker, really, as In the Loop still stands as one of the best and most clever films of 2009. Do yourself a favor and don't let this film slip by your radar. I've already said so much on this film, that I'll leave it at that.
Runners-up: Adventureland.

Worst Film (Any Viewing): Step Brothers
Not a bad film, and still funny at times, Step Brothers is inevitably just another morphed version of the typical humor we've come to expect. Nothing about the film struck me enough to really think it'd be worth watching again. Again, there are comedies less funny than this one, but you can do so much better.
Runners-up: None.

Most Surprising Film: Youth of the Beast
Such a stylish blend of the American film noir and Japanese yakuza films. I didn't know what to get out of this, but it turned out to be a lot. A visionary effort with striking and revolutionary imagery, this film has been a favorite of many of America's favorite directors.
Runners-up: Mystery Train, The Indian Runner.

Most Underrated Film: Romeo is Bleeding
One of the most underrated films of the last 15 years or so. It's like a painful and bloody train wreck of a story you just can't look away from. Gary Oldman is absolutely terrific and the visual flair conceived is downright nightmarish at times.
Runners-up: Last Year at Marienbad, The Indian Runner, Ghost Dog.

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