Monday, September 21, 2009

Another Undeserved Shunning

I know I've made my point of great, low-budget horror (or other similar genre) films getting shunned out of becoming big releases. It's a shame how often it happens. All the Boys Love Mandy Lane still is yet to be found in region one and Trick-R-Treat, which I've heard is supposed to be one of the next great things in horror, has no chance of becoming one of those great franchise titles we love when it comes to DVD on October 6th and doesn't go into theaters around Halloween. Of course, Saw VI will be in theaters around Halloween, you can bet your lucky stars on that. Just don't get me started on the shunning of [REC] and it's upcoming sequel in America.

It's just a shame that the film I want to talk about today won't be in theaters across the country anytime soon. Opening this Friday in a limited setting is Paranormal Activity, a new low-budget horror film that's been getting absolutely rave reviews. Check out the trailer below, it appears to be an exhilarating experience. Also, at the end of the trailer you'll notice a short list of the first cities this film will play in. You can then log on to the film's Eventful page and "demand" your city to be included. Los Angeles has about 2,500 demands while our Hartford metro area has only 300. But what can you do, Hollywood is a corporation where as an independent filmmaker you either have your foot in someone's door or you get very lucky. Check out the trailer below to make up your mind as to whether Paranormal Activity deserves better treatment.

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