Saturday, August 1, 2009

DVD Picks of the Week: July 28th, 2009

Yes, today is the first day of August. Yes, I never completed the last week in July as far as DVD releases go. You didn't ask, but here it is anyways.

Combat Shock [Uncut DVD]

I am absolutely loving what Troma is doing with their "Tromasterpiece" collection. They've released a few titles under the new line including Cannibal The Musical, Redneck Zombies and The Last Horror Film, all essential viewings in the B-movie arena. The latest title to join the party is the debut film from Buddy Giovinazzo, Combat Shock (also known as American Nightmares). This release is loaded, and includes two versions of the films. The 90 minute one known as Combat Shock and the never-before-seen 100 minute cut known as American Nightmares. The two disc set also has commentary from the director, early short films and music videos from Giovinazzo himself and a healthy selection of other entertaining features. Troma has always put together some of the most interesting and entertaining DVDs and with their newest line of releases, the pattern seems to be continuing.

Repulsion [Criterion DVD/Blu-ray]

Seeing release via the Criterion Collection is Roman Polanski's Repulsion. If there's one director I shamefully haven't seen enough of, it is Polanski. Rosemary's Baby is a triumph of the horror genre, and titles like Fearless Vampire Killers shows his ability to turn horror mythos like vampires into comedy. Criterion always does a great job with their releases, so all is welcomed from them. Guess I'll have to see this along with Knife in the Water, another Polanski release via Criterion.

This Is Spinal Tap [Blu-ray]

We'll all finally get the chance to turn the video quality of This Is Spinal Tap to 11 with the Blu-ray release of a film that is one of the best music related films ever. Terrifically funny, this film seemed to help kick off the mockumentary genre. Would shows like The Office be possible without this title? Well, maybe, but it certainly didn't hurt to have this one around to help pave the way.

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