Friday, August 21, 2009

DVD Picks of the Week: August 18th, 2009

Another week, some more great titles to look out for. Let's cut to the chase.

The Last House on the Left

As far as remakes go, this new version of The Last House on the Left is simply solid. Fans of the Wes Craven classic might be disappointed by the fact that this more modern telling of the classic revenge story is actually downgraded in ferocity. Still, on it's own the film is worth watching, as it features some compelling photography and a nice villainous turn by Garret Dillahunt as classic bad guy Krug. Try not to compare what you see here to the exploitative offering from Craven, because you won't get very far.

Playtime [Criterion Blu-ray]

Admittedly, I have yet to see Jacques Tati's Playtime just yet. Tati's films have been described as "gloriously choreographed and nearly wordless", making me strongly interested in what's in store for me as a brand new viewer. Criterion's offerings for this week include a few films reissued on Blu-ray. with Playtime being the first of the selection.

Kagemusha [Criterion Blu-ray]

I love Akira Kurosawa, I swear. I even own this film on the older standard Criterion release. I just haven't watched it. I bought it for $3 used from some insane sale a year ago, so give me a break on that one. I'd buy any Criterion for $3. This Blu-ray upgrade makes me think it's time for me to give Kagemusha the viewing it might deserve. Kurosawa is without a doubt one of the greatest of all time and classics such as Rashomon, Seven Samurai and High and Low can't be forgotten.

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