Tuesday, May 26, 2009

DVD Picks of the Week: May 26th, 2009

A little late, but still great. Here's another Tuesday of DVD and Blu-ray releases. I was actually in a few physical brick and mortar DVD stores today, so I've seen a few of these titles on the shelves already. To the starting line!

M. Butterfly [DVD]

Rarely would I ever make my first entry of my weekly write-up of the newest DVDs a film I've never seen unless it was something I had been really waiting to see. This week is perhaps one of the greatest examples of this. M. Butterfly is not a few film, just one that hasn't been previously available on DVD here. This 1993 film starring Jeremy Irons is one of two feature films from David Cronenberg that I don't currently own. The other being Shivers, a film that's out of print and hopefully next to be reissued. I don't know if this film is great, good, average or bad, and I don't care. As a collector and a fan of Cronenberg this must be seen and added to my collection as soon as possible. Amazon had listed that the title was pushed back to June, but it has since returned the date to today's. Netflix also shows it as being available to rent.

Falling Down [DVD][Blu-ray]

Another film I still haven't seen but have had at the top of my list for quite some time is Falling Down. This seems like a good day for films from 1993 to get reproduced on DVD (and Blu-ray)! This one stars Michael Douglas and is directed by Joel Schumacher. The film deals with an unemployed defense worker who begins to lash out violenty at society when he begins to notice flaws that frustrates. Sounds like a cerebral and thrilling plot to me. I need to get this one viewed soon.

Children of Men [Blu-ray]

I can only imagine that this bleak portrayal of the future, brilliant photographed by Alfonso CuarĂ³n, must look great on Blu-ray. It was one of the best films of its year and its great to see it finally getting a release on the new format.

Powder Blue [DVD][Blu-ray]

This is the film Jessica Biel gets naked in. So watch it. Or just use Google to find the clips and skip the rest.

You know what? I'm sort of tired. This is all you get, for now. Today was pretty weak outside of a few titles.

What else comes out this week: True Romance [Blu-ray], Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves [Blu-ray], Seabiscuit [Blu-ray], Field of Dreams [Blu-ray], Zabriskie Point, Land of the Lost: Complete Series, Cinderella Man [Blu-ray], Beyond Rangoon.

What to stay away from: Hmmm, how about this? New in Town. The plot reads as being: "A Miami businesswoman adjusts to her new life in a tiny Minnesota town." And Harry Connick Jr. is in it. And the tagline is "She's an executive on the move. But her career is taking her a little farther than she expected." And if you need more reasons you're stupid.

Well, that's it. This week is lame. I can only give you what I get to play with. Which wasn't much this time around. Let's hope that next week is a bit more exciting (and that I have the mental stamina to write up to its level).

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Danifilth said...

Falling down is definitely one to watch. A very good performance from Michael Douglas.

Children of Men is one of my favourite movies of recent years. Seriously considering the Blu-Ray release. The Soundtrack is also amazing, especially the cover of Ruby Tuesday by Franco Battiato and Running the World by Jarvis Cocker.