Wednesday, June 4, 2008

David Lynch's "Lost Highway" (1997)

I find myself coming to a roadblock of thoughts on Lost Highway. This is what typically happens to me when I try to write about the unexplainable. As far as story goes in this film, it's David Lynch. I personally don't think it really matters outside of how fucking cool the story is. I don't care about what it means or what it's supposed to mean. I don't think anyone that isn't David Lynch should care either. Of course this doesn't apply to EVERY Lynch film as some are more straightforward than others. To try and think about films like Inland Empire in a logical sense would probably send me to the E.R.

With all that said, this is one hell of a film. It punches the viewer in the face with visceral visuals and sounds culminating in one hell of a fantasy like atmosphere.As we all know, this is a David Lynch film. Once you can accept that the plot changes gear midway through the film you'll be alright. Lost Highway is a creative film, that's for sure. I wouldn't expect anything less from the master of mindfucks. Although I think Lynch is great with coming up with this stuff, I think what I love the most about his work is the way he puts it all together on film. The same goes for all of his work. Eraserhead, Blue Velvet, Mulholland Dr., Inland Empire, and so on. They're all supremely well done and crafted. I'm not entirely sure what makes them so appealing to me, but it's probably simple the style he puts forth. It's so damn captivating.

You can't forget about the wonderful job the actors in this film did, capturing the weirdness of David Lynch. Bill Pullman, Patricia Arquette, and Balthazar Getty led the film with their eccentric performances. Robert Blake kind of sums up his life with his downright creepy role of "Mystery Man". That smile. God damn.

All in all, Lost Highway is worth your time, as is every David Lynch film. If you want to see something different and see something that will grab your by your ears and slam you against the wall, a Lynch film is the way to go most of the time, and Lost Highway is no exception.


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